Release Notes 0.1.3

This update continues my customization of the blog feed.

The featured image now alternates automatically from right to left for each post in the loop using the CSS nth-child(odd) pseudo selector. The solution was far simpler than I was making it out to be. My takeaway: Can it be done in CSS first?

The featured image for each post is now rendered as a background image inside its own div. This tutorial by Jesse Rand (which I adapted to Genesis) got me set on the right track. The approach is how desktop publishing software like InDesign and Quark Xpress have always dealt with images—and might I add, far more intuitively. There’s the box and there’s the image that goes in the box—each can be independently adjusted. I need granular control of the scaling, positioning and cropping for each of my featured images. I’ll probably create a simple gui so I can adjust my background image properties directly in the post editor, but for now, adding the properties to my style sheet will suffice.

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