Release Notes: 0.1.1

Today’s update deals mostly with how the front page content is displayed in the main feed.

  • Added a custom loop for my blog feed that splits the markup of the post entry into two wraps. One uses the <figure> element to wrap the featured image. The other wraps the entry-header, entry-content and entry-footer.
  • I applied style to the entry-content-wrap and featured-image-wrap. Each wrap has a 50% width and a fixed height of 600px. I’m using percentage-based padding on the entry-content-wrap to maintain the whitespace when viewed at different screen sizes. I still have to get the media queries working for the mobile viewports. This page looks like shit right now on mobile.
  • I’m still working on the logic that alternates the featured-image from left to right automatically. For this release I’m manually adding a custom post style to handle it.
  • All permalinks are being redirected until their respective inner pages are formatted.
  • The “Release Notes” category is filtered from the main blog feed. You can navigate easily to Release Notes section via the navatar side menu.
  • This three-part article by Kurt Hansen of high FX media goes a long way to demystify the Genesis Loop. It’s a great read.