<strong>Greetings. I'm James Burgos and this is my website.</strong>

Writing an about page is difficult enough when the objective is clear, but if you’re like me (one who refuses to be pigeonholed) crafting the perfect bio is a painful exercise in reductionism.

To distill the sum of all my diverse parts into an easy-to-consume elevator pitch seems contrary to my modus operandi.

But in my efforts to find congruence in my work life balance

But as a matter of pragmatism, I realize the need to be able

In the age of algorithms and predictive modeling, those who wish to rule the Internet seem hellbent on figuring me out. I will always push back against this.

, but this page, and by extension, this site, will seek to reconcile the contradicitons between the myth of myself, how I’m perceived in the world, and who I actually am.

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