Dev Notes

Fixed TypeKit FOUT (Flash Of Unstyled Text)

Stop the Flicker Flash and Load Adobe Typekit Font Faster on WordPress

Release Notes: June 25th 2017

Added the plugin Filter Admin Published which filters the view of posts and pages to the default view of “Published” as opposed to “All”. It’s small convenience to be able to see just the list of published posts as the default setting, especially if you have a lot of drafts in the queue. This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, but since it only does this one thing, i don’t foresee any breakage or conflict. I may, however, wish to fork this into a required plugin for future admin setups. Or simply included the code in theme setup function.

Release Notes 0.1.3

This update continues my customization of the blog feed.

The featured image now alternates automatically from right to left for each post in the loop using the CSS nth-child(odd) pseudo selector. The solution was far simpler than I was making it out to be. My takeaway: Can it be done in CSS first?

The featured image for each post is now rendered as a background image inside its own div. This tutorial by Jesse Rand (which I adapted to Genesis) got me set on the right track. The approach is how desktop publishing software like InDesign and Quark Xpress have always dealt with images—and might I add, far more intuitively. There’s the box and there’s the image that goes in the box—each can be independently adjusted. I need granular control of the scaling, positioning and cropping for each of my featured images. I’ll probably create a simple gui so I can adjust my background image properties directly in the post editor, but for now, adding the properties to my style sheet will suffice.

Release Notes: 0.1.2

Updated the release-notes category archives to display only the title and dates within a custom loop. The code was referenced from Sridhar Katakam and Bill Erickson.

Release Notes: 0.1.1

Today’s update deals mostly with how the front page content is displayed in the main feed.

  • Added a custom loop for my blog feed that splits the markup of the post entry into two wraps. One uses the <figure> element to wrap the featured image. The other wraps the entry-header, entry-content and entry-footer.
  • I applied style to the entry-content-wrap and featured-image-wrap. Each wrap has a 50% width and a fixed height of 600px. I’m using percentage-based padding on the entry-content-wrap to maintain the whitespace when viewed at different screen sizes. I still have to get the media queries working for the mobile viewports. This page looks like shit right now on mobile.
  • I’m still working on the logic that alternates the featured-image from left to right automatically. For this release I’m manually adding a custom post style to handle it.
  • All permalinks are being redirected until their respective inner pages are formatted.
  • The “Release Notes” category is filtered from the main blog feed. You can navigate easily to Release Notes section via the navatar side menu.
  • This three-part article by Kurt Hansen of high FX media goes a long way to demystify the Genesis Loop. It’s a great read.