Links: 04/07/2018

I think they did hold back.

One of the pied pipers leading us towards the abyss.

Links: 04/06/18

Facebook doesn’t have a mind-control problem, it has a corruption problem. Cambridge Analytica didn’t convince decent people to become racists; they convinced racists to become voters.

Link Digest For 4/03/2018

Dev Notes

Fixed TypeKit FOUT (Flash Of Unstyled Text)

Stop the Flicker Flash and Load Adobe Typekit Font Faster on WordPress

Release Notes: June 25th 2017

Added the plugin Filter Admin Published which filters the view of posts and pages to the default view of “Published” as opposed to “All”. It’s small convenience to be able to see just the list of published posts as the default setting, especially if you have a lot of drafts in the queue. This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, but since it only does this one thing, i don’t foresee any breakage or conflict. I may, however, wish to fork this into a required plugin for future admin setups. Or simply included the code in theme setup function.