Cloudy with a Chance of Meathead

My head MUST be in the CLOUDS today. Within the span of 30 minutes: I walked out of the house and tried to open the door to a car that wasn’t even mine. Realized I was wearing the wrong shirt and went back inside to change. Came back out and tried to open the door […]

Maiden Voyage

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Communi-TEA Changing the world, saving the world—in the name of tea

    SOLIDARI–TEA Kim and Lan are not just business partners, they are also first cousins. Born one month apart, they were raised as sisters and best friends (their moms are actual sisters). Lan arrived in the United States from Vietnam with her family in 1986. Kim and her family arrived one year later. Life […]

Kenyan Gold Coffee and Conversation by the Snows of Kilimanjaro

Coffee and Conversation By The snows of Kilimanjaro Story by James Burgos ❧ Photography by Papergirl Press A typical winter day in Tampa is anything but typical. You are more likely to see sand angels on white sands and frozen margaritas before you see anything that resembles actual snow. But on occasion, and sprinkled throughout the […]

Apocalypse How? Fear and Loathing in the Gulf of Mexico

My commentary on the Deep Water Horizon disaster for VERTICAL Tampa Bay magazine. It was a very tense summer that year. The oil was still gushing from the blown well with no end in sight. VERTICAL doesn’t typically comment on these types of stories, but it was impossible to ignore the threat that was lurking at our front door.